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Low Carb Dilemmas - How to Follow A Low Carb Diet And NOT Gain Weight by Jason Cox

A low carb diet such as the Atkins diet or the South Beach Diet (although some say this one is not a low carb diet but the right carb diet) can be very helpful for those who want to lose large amounts of weight. However, this diet needs to be followed how it was meant to be followed for it to work. One way to be able to refrain from gaining weight on this diet is to understand the purpose of each stage of this diet.

The first phase of a low carb diet is usually the strictest time of the diet in regards to the level of carbs eaten. This part of the diet lasts approximately two weeks. All fruits and starchy vegetables, refined breads, and other high carb foods are not eaten during this time. Instead, the person eats lean meats, creams, butters, cheese, and other foods that were originally forbidden. This first stage has a purpose.

The purpose of the first stage of most low carb diets is to help with the following three aspects:

To induce Benign Dietary Ketosis: This is when fat metabolites show up in the urine stream and can be detected with Ketosix. This is the sign that Atkins diet users are using fat as energy. Sometimes ketones are discharged from the lungs as well. Diet users reactions vary during this stage. For example, some peoples appetites diminish during this stage.

To Stabilize Blood Sugar: This stage helps keep bring the blood sugar to the level that it is supposed to be at. Not only that but it helps diminish symptoms (i.e. mood swings, brain fog, or fatigue) that come from erratic blood sugar levels.

To ignite rapid weight loss: This stage sometimes helps those who have trouble losing weight to feel good about themselves as pounds drop at a quick rate. This stage is when the most weight is loss during the Atkins diet.

The induction period of the Atkins diet is probably considered to be the most crucial part of the Atkins diet. It is also the shortest phase of the diet, so the amount of time that one has to endure this first stage is not long. Those that can make it through the first two weeks of this diet are most likely to see the best results while enrolled in this particular weight loss program.

The next phase of the Atkins diet is also important. This is the period of time when most people will find out what level of carbs is appropriate for them to eat and still lose weight. Although the weight loss progress slows down during this phase, as well as the phase that follows, it still is encouraging to those who follow this diet when they do lose 1-2 pounds a week (in some cases a little more).

During the second and third phases of the Atkins diet, users are able to increase their carb intake. However, they still need to be careful not to eat the wrong carbs, otherwise they may go back to their old weight. Those who stick to the overall plan of this diet are the ones who have the most success on this diet. The purpose of the second phase of the Atkins diet is as follows:

To find the carb level that is appropriate for each Atkins diet user. This is usually referred to as the Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing (CCLL).

To allow for more food choices and to help users of this diet to make wise ones.

To continue weight loss at a safe rate, and to keep carbs low enough to help hamper excess food cravings.

The third phase is very similar to the second phase but has an allowance for a higher level of carbs. The purpose of this phase is as follows:

To figure out how much carbs that can be eaten without gaining weight.

To reach weight loss goal. This is done at a steady slow pace during this phase.

Learn how to remain at the same weight.

The fourth phase of the Atkins diet is the one when the most carbs are allowed, and also is a maintenance stage. This phase of the diet is the one that lasts the longest, because this is the pattern that is set to be the persons ideal diet to maintain the new weight loss level achieved.

Those who follow through every phase of a low carb diet, as intended, will benefit the most from it. Also, those who find their carb level during the second and third phases of the diet will most likely be able to keep the weight off during the fourth phase of the diet.

Not only will those who follow this diet closely as planned be able to lose weight, but they will be able to prevent from gaining it back later on. This article is not a guarantee that this diet will work for everyone. However, those who follow a low carb diet closely and those who do not give up will have the best chance of success at it.

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