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Biking Lose 10 Pounds in Weight and Save Hundreds In Gym Fees by Graham Foster..

Want to almost accidently lose 10 pounds in weight whilst havng fun in to the bargain.Then why not drag that old bike from out of the basement or garage and get out in the sunshine on a bike ride.Here's why it's so effective...

So your all set to lose some weight.Most of us do want to lose a few pounds at some point of our lives usually when we decide we had enough of feeling un-sexy and dowdy dressed in over sized clothes and sick of waking up feeling un healthy and lethargic every day. It's just that we know well feel so much better when we out wearing that swimsuit we brought a couple of years ago and can wear that sexy LBD that just used to drive your husband wild just a a few years ago.

A great way to get started is to set a realistic goal of may be losing 10 pounds. For the majority of people this is a realistic and achievable goal within 2-3 weeks worse case senario may be it will take a couple of months.Don't ever be tempted ever to crash diet and try to lose a crazy amount of weight in 2-3 days it will only leave you feeling unwell.

So you are probably thinking of getting started? Almost without exception people when deciding to lose weight have visions of eating like a rabbit for days and then exercising like a marine recruit afterwards at the gym. But this is not how it has to be.

What if you could lose 10 pounds while doing something you might enjoy and also could if you wanted spend more time with your children and get tons of fresh air as well.Well you can be taking up bike riding again..

There are lots of reasons to go bike riding but maybe the main one is something you would just take for granted that is a bike is a method of transport. This important because the biggest single reason people fail at losing weight is they can't plan their exercise routines in to their already busy lifestyle.

Lets imagine for example you decided you would lose 10 pounds by signing up and going to the gym every day. This is of course a brilliant idea in theory at least but this is what usually happens.One day your running late from work so you just skip the gym (just this once) then another day it's raining and you forgot your umbrella so it seem silly to get wet going to the gym (just this once).. You get the idea?

After a while you keep missing and then gym seems like it's in the way of your regular life and can't be scheduled in no matter what.

Lets just suppose for a moment instead of gym membership you either got your old bike up to standard or went out and brought a flashy new one and you decide you are going to bike to work. Whilst it's probably going to take a few extra weeks to see results it won't screw up your schedule.

If you live in the city chances are it will only take you a few extra minutes compared with travelling by car or subway. So you get a full body work out for free and it fits in to your schedule just great.

When you engage in most other forms of exercise, you're engaging in it exclusively: you're not getting anything else done when you're at the gym. With biking, on the other hand, the exercise is almost a secondary bonus to the primary function of getting somewhere you need to go. Add to this the fact that you're saving money on transportation and doing good for the environment, it's hard to argue against biking as one of the best forms of exercise.

Just by biking to and back from work each day you will lose 10 pounds pretty quickly and it won't interupt your schedule that much. If it is to far to ride a bike to work consider it for doing errands such as going to the store when not working. If you really want to lose 10 pounds pretty quickly try bike riding for fun as well at weekends . A few miles a day will work wonders.

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