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Lose The Excuse And The Weight Rebutting: The Top Six Excuses On Not Exercising by Jason Cox

Many people have their reasons for not wanting to exercise. These are six of the most common excuses that people give for not exercising, and ways to combat those excuses:

I am too tired: This is how a person says to him or herself when thinking about exercising and does not want to. If you are too tired, you can take a short nap and you will feel refreshed enough to exercise. Otherwise, you can pick the time of the day to exercise when you are most at your peak.

For example, if you are a morning person, then exercise in the morning. If you are an evening or late night person, then you can exercise at night. There may be some health concerns regarding what time of the day is the best to exercise. However, if you exercise no later than late afternoon/early evening, you should have no problem

I do not have time: Many people these days are so wrapped up in their work that they do not even think about exercise. However, people cannot afford to not take the time to exercise. In fact, exercising helps you perform better at work. The amount or length of time you need to exercise depends upon how active you naturally are or how active you are on the job. You should consider a minimum of 20 minutes a day.

Also, you can find creative exercises to engage in; such as if you need a gallon of milk and you forgot it at the store, you can walk there to get it. You can also bike to work instead of drive if, you are not too far away from your job and you do not have to work too late. You can find ways to exercise if you have a busy schedule.

Can not afford it: Some people think that they have to go to an expensive gym to exercise, and they think there is no way they would be able to afford it. For one, if you really want to go to the gym and you are on a low budget, you can find gyms like the YMCA, which will take you at a reduced rate. These places often provide workout facilities at a reduced rate. Also, many employers have workout centers you can use for free during your lunch hour or after work. This would be the most convenient way to work out if you cannot afford it and have a busy schedule besides.

You can also find professional exercise videos and free programs on television to help you with certain exercises. Sometimes you can even use household items for weights if you want to tone your muscles, you can buy weights as light as two pounds for about six dollars a pair at a local discount store such as Wal-Mart.

I do not have room in my house: You do not need much room to exercise. In fact, you can perform some while lying on your bed. Although, it is better to purchase a small mat which you can lay on the floor for proper exercising support. These mats can fold up when you are done and they fit in the smallest rooms.

I do not know how: If you do not know how to exercise you can easily learn how in a variety of way. For instance, you can take a step aerobic class, or you can join a sports tem, or you can watch professionally made exercise videos.

You can also watch workout shows on television. Furthermore, if you have an exercise machine in your basement that you never use you can find websites also find other reading material that will further help explain to you how you can make the most out of the machine.

I do not like exercising: If you think exercising is boring or you just plain do not enjoy it as an activity, you can find creative things that you do like to do in place of those activities. For example, do you like to walk? You can burn quite a bit of fat at a moderate to brisk pace if you do. Either that, or if you like to bicycle, go mountain climbing, or play football that is great exercise.

Furthermore, when you join a sports league you usually have the accountability you need to help you learn to like exercising. Exercise is not always fun, but if you find a vigorous activity that you enjoy, that can also be helpful to you, you will soon learn that exercise can be fun.

Now that you know some of the most common excuses people give for not exercising, why not start now? You may think to yourself that you really do not want to. You may also feel a bout of rebellion rise from the pit of your stomach, resisting this advice. However, if you did not want this advice you would not have read this article to this far.

Therefore, now is the time more than ever, and take advantage of it. If you are unsure of what a proper exercise program should entail, you can call your doctor and ask that person some questions and soon you will be on the road to reaching your ideal weight.

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